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HI, I am

Rehma Grace aka

Docteure Locks, Loctician Therapist .

Ten years ago

I started out as a Beauty Entrepreneur aware of the impact of the media and the Beauty industry, on the representation of Black Women. This often biased collective image that sticks to the skin of women from immigrant backgrounds, children of the double culture like Me. A stereotyped image and a social identity that traps us in a deep malaise .


How do we build ourselves when we don't feel beautiful and we don't find ourselves in this image, this pretended reflection of us that we are given ? )

Passionate about Psychology and Beauty, I decide to specialize in both to combine them into my work, using Beauty (as a tool) at the service of the Psyche .

My objective with this approach, was and still, is to have a social and societal impact on how we look at ourselves, at others, at differences, physical as cultural.  For them, to no longer be, an obstacle to self-acceptance nor a constraint to community life , but rather an opportunity to really see one another and live together freely.  


It is challenging to build a strong identity aligned with its values, a deep work of introspection and questioning. It is this quest for an alignment between personal image, cultural background, childhood and professional, social, adult image that inspired this work and gave birth to my first book. An essay on identity, transmission and our mission, we women, as actresses of this balance, to initiate change and make a difference!


Femme curvy confiante


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