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Freedom, Equality, Sorority!

The Community, what is it ?

It is the fruit of encounters, each more beautiful and enriching than the last.

Women, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, mothers, black women, Afro descendants caught up in the hubbub of life and its incessant rhythm. Women who (themselves) give love and time without counting, nor always taking this time for themselves. 

These women are YOU, these meetings are OURS!

So I was keen to bring us together and create a cocoon (sorority space) for telling freely and value

the Beautiful, Unique and Strong Women that we are 💪🏾.

We are never alone in experiencing what we are going through, so don't hesitate to add to your profiles and discover the extraordinary women around you.         

Alone we gET faster (depressed) together we go further!! remix 😉

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