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MBjj The Studio 

Beauty at the service of the Psyche

First Afro & Mixed Holistic Beauty studio,

 from Mantes la Jolie,

 MBjj The Studio is a Care and Well-being space 

both physical and psychological.

 A haven of peace, outside of time and the noise of the city.

 Here beauty takes another dimension, its became therapeutic,

choose your plan and benefit for one year*

of a 3 hours individual and monthly Rendez-vous.

in the form of a subscription,

as well as services for your children,

to pass on to them from a very young age

the Love of their hair and self-esteem.​ 

A form of therapy far from everyday life,

we relax, comb our hair, laugh and confide.

And since our hair says everything about us, taking care of it,

it’s reconnecting with one’s image,

it's changing your outlook to heal his soul. 


 They share their experience  

I have been using this type of experience for over 3 years and I have no regrets!!! Rehma is a top professional. Rehma takes care of my hair, gives me tips to make it more beautiful, she listens to me and takes care of my mind. She always immortalizes our hairstyles, it’s a help, when we feel bad we look at the photo and say to ourselves: I was on top!! A little effort 🤣!! A real hair care therapy. We leave the living room feeling beautiful. The hair salon is a kind of protective cocoon, it’s very calm and beautiful. This living room is colorful, warm and chic in its image 😃.

Thanks again 😘.

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