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    10 years ago

I launched myself as a Beauty Entrepreneur, a young mother, from an immigrant background, a child of dual culture. This social identity which often reduces us, locks us into limited thought patterns. It slows down our development and, through its clichés, feeds our fear of undertaking andbelieve in us

Indeed, it is a challenge to build one's personhood, it is a profound work of introspection and questioning, the quest for alignment between one's values here and elsewhere, between personal image and the professional image that we want to reflect. This balance, often made fragile, is a subject that speaks to us(I believe it)all and which I wanted to address in my bookAfroPaixHaine.

An essay on identity, transmission and our mission we, women, as actors of change !


Hairdresser,Therapist, Consultant, Author and Creative, at the head of my studio,

I see my failures as lessons, made my differences my greatest wealth and my first professional asset!

This multicultural base, my curiosity and my love of books have nourished my knowledge and enriched my skills, my view of the world and of others. Shaped by a self-taught career in Beauty, studies in social sciences, my training in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and my experiences both personal and professional, I approach each project with a systemic approach to reveal what is unique and at the same time universal.

Art and psychology invite themselves into my work on Identity for

develop the uniqueness of each person, their richness and their mission.

Also if you are: 

  • a business leader or future business leader who wants to make a difference through a marketing strategy and authentic and impactful visual communication

  • or in search of listening, advice and expertise to reveal who you are and reconnect with your image and want to develop your network, your skills, 

  • surrounded yourself with entrepreneurial, inspiring and creative black women like you, this Club is Yours!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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